Football Returns to UMD

By Jack Rothenberg Despite a rise in COVID-19 cases across all Big Ten campuses, the conference has announced a plan to bring back college football this fall. In a press conference Wednesday, University of Maryland Athletic Director Damon Evans explained crucial aspects in the decision making process.  “I want to stress that this decision wasContinue reading “Football Returns to UMD”

Anna Sofia Talks ‘Broken Perfection,’ Inspirations and Social Media

By Daryl Perry Anna Sofia is a 16-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter with an old soul. Her most recent project, Broken Perfection, came out on July 31, from Electric Feel and Republic Records, and is inspired by artists she looks up to, like Elton John and Michael Jackson. “People make fun of me ‘cause I literally don’tContinue reading “Anna Sofia Talks ‘Broken Perfection,’ Inspirations and Social Media”

UMD Students Take Part in Home Concert Trend

By Nick Nimkoff The tradition of going to a crowded arena to see your favorite artist perform seems like a pipedream these days. With COVID-19 sweeping the globe, many events have been canceled, including conventions, seasonal events and concerts, so artists have been taking concerts home via social media. Be it One World: At HomeContinue reading “UMD Students Take Part in Home Concert Trend”