UMD Democrats, Republicans working together in upcoming election

By Joel Lev-Toev

The UMD College Democrats, whose president is Bryce Kowalczyk, is exactly how you would expect. Kowalczyk is pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-black lives matter, pro-action on climate change, pro-increasing immigration quotas and dissatisfied with President Donald Trump and Governor Larry Hogan.

The UMD college Republicans, whose president is Jill Scott, is largely the opposite. Scott is pro-life, anti-gun control and pro-immigration limitation but differs from the president on a couple of issues. One of those issues happens to be climate change. The other issue is black lives matter. The organization released a statement in support of the movement. 

“Republicans are dedicated to standing up for social justice,” said Scott.

Trump is not unanimously loved by the UMD college Republicans. Scott estimated that 60% support Trump, 20% support Biden and 20% are undecided. Their realities in this election cycle will look significantly different. 

“Prince George’s County is one of the most democratic counties in the entire country if you don’t include Washington, D.C. as a county, so there is not a lot of campaigning,” said Kowalczyk. 

Local elections are more of a walk in the park for the Democrats, but are an uphill battle for the Republicans. They are supporting a few candidates, including Kim Klacik in a Baltimore district that a Republican has not recently won. Klacick, who does not live in Baltimore, gained notoriety by claiming that Democrats do not care about black lives in Baltimore, citing one area’s dilapidation.

UMD Democrats and Republicans are, however, planning to work together for a nonpartisan get out and vote campaign come November.

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