McKeldin Library sports “Terrapin Strong” mask for university health campaign

McKeldin Library now bears a large “Terrapin Strong” mask. (Eric Harkleroad/WMUC News)

By Nicolle Schorchit

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. The University of Maryland has come up with more creative ways to encourage students to wear their masks.

The Testudo statue on McKeldin Mall isn’t the only fixture on campus to sport a “Terrapin Strong” mask. The McKeldin Library now bears a giant mask as well. 

The mask stretches across the pillars of the outdoor balcony at the library. The black mask is made out of vinyl mesh and bears the words “Terrapin Strong” in bold red and yellow lettering.

The university decided to hang the giant mask to serve as a visual reminder to students to wear their masks, “4 Maryland.”

The short statement is the university’s motto for its COVID-19 health campaign.

Some students who frequently walk across the McKeldin Mall appreciate the reminder and effort made by the university.

“Just, like, having the mask, and, like, it’s so big, kind of cover such an iconic part of campus in the middle of campus, and, like, also on the lawn how they kind of have these circles that are spread out social distanced,” said Michael Kim, a junior journalism and government and politics  major. “It kind of just shows Maryland’s, I guess, effort in trying to maintain student health on campus.”

Sophomores Amrit Mann and Krisha Lulla saw the mask for the first time Thursday afternoon. They decided to eat their lunch on McKeldin Mall in one of the social distance circles on the lawn. 

They thought the mask looked nice, but questioned its effectiveness. 

Lulla said that it could be bigger, or maybe just not there at all.

“We live off campus at the View and, like, it’s very mandatory to even wear it,” Mann said. She said the apartment complex is heavily enforcing mask guidelines.

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